Your End

By: Julianna Egan

Self-righteous foolishness 

Simple hardships 

Wonderful ignorance

A wanted accident 

These are the phrases that define your end 

Your prematurely ended evolution.

However, you don’t stay gone,

like blood in the vein you travel

Throughout every orifice of my mind

I always have you 

Others may perceive you as weak 

But you were my

Strongest link 

You were there

Casual exchanges

Awkward moments 

You were always there 

Now i’m left 

with a missing link

And your adolescent words 

spiraling through my head 

Analyzing and philosophizing 

Every word you spoke

I wasn’t enough 

To keep you,
I wasn’t enough

To fulfill your

Radical needs 

I am eternally sorry 

That i wasn’t enough

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