identification, please

so many feelings, struggling to leave my mouthand it’s not that rare for me to let myself down  (it’s not the same anymore – rex orange county) I. I have two memories of my kindergarten orientation. In one, I am getting a snack from the woman who will be my assistant principal for the next … Continue reading identification, please

Winter Contest

December 4th, flurries outside your window, coating the ground. It’s the first snowfall of the year, but this snow is different than last year’s. The small sparkles of snow that used to melt at the touch of your palm and the tip of your nose are different. You feel the pull of that snow drawing … Continue reading Winter Contest

american, by definition

When you stare at the blank line underneath the question, “what is your favorite food?” and decide to write pizza, because even though you don’t love it as much as *biryani, you still like it. And my classmates know what it is. I won’t have to explain why I love it so much and how … Continue reading american, by definition

[apple pie] for dessert

when your after dinner voices bleed through thin walls  i press my ear against the door and listen and wonder what conversations you’re having for dessert i pick apart your words with the prongs of my fork smear apple pie filling across my plate but you always told me not to play with my food … Continue reading [apple pie] for dessert

Not just a n_me

As a young girl I would only respond to Sophia never Sophie The single syllable meant everything Before I could tie the string  on my shoes I knew my name I knew my name the right way, the way where the A wasn’t ignored because it was my A But now I turn my head … Continue reading Not just a n_me


The glass floor was slightly smudged with footprints, but Maria still pressed her cheek to it, blonde hair spilling around her head as she gazed down at the stars and earth beneath them. Shadow stared at her, questioning. She gasped and tapped her nail to the glass, the sound echoing throughout the ship. “Ursa Minor, … Continue reading Polaris