Hide Away

by: Zemannie Rodriguez

we tend to tune out 

his words to create a complete and complex picture

his expressive eyes changed from attraction to shame,

anger to fear, piety to pain

he should be using his time responsibly 

it appears, that we can go somewhere 

dressed in a gray suit, gray tie and white pocket square

compared to the intimate world around us

reflecting his life around the spotlight

he maintains respectable, ambitious, gifted

his tears show meaning

which acts like a book with a 

chilling arc and swift lines

that shows drastic actions

he learned how to grapple with 

the world’s words

tragic right?

he creates the most dynamic and dangerous movements

the most vulnerable 

every square inch of love

wasted in lined and idle

areas with no alteration

ways we can never understand 

he makes everything possible 

his freewheeling persona continues

to influence the things around him

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