By: Thomas Deloria

Art by: Maya Murray

the roman empire had fallen

and the whole ordeal was beyond embarrassing

its various parts

were broken in a way that can’t be fixed

in the distant past, a long long time ago

i had ’d been in america, 

i kept my hands in my hoodie

my pale unshaven face hidden in my sleepless nights

americans were not truly smart

living under the reign of an “amateur”

automobile emissions

into the atmosphere

while glass-jar companies that profit from our talent

were generating millions

we had tried to battle the devastating effects of this moral decline

but we got our asses handed to us

me, and countless others, had been used, shot in the back,

our value diminishing each day on this side of the this unkept fountain

there are hard times ahead

with the window we’ve got left

so what’s the use?

what’s the use?

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