I’m Not Emotional, But I Was That Day

By: Victoria Giannini

I’m not emotional, but I was that day.

I was crying in the tunnel,

It was really tough.

I don’t like him when he’s angry. 

There was a bit of a Braveheart culture to him, 

He’s the nastiest, most ruthless man in the world it could seem. 

My jaw was broken, 

Once he twigged it, it was. 

No club in Europe had experienced drama quite like this.

I looked around, 

I stood in front of all those faces and spoke to them in German. 

Leading the reds into Rome, I noticed that he was absolutely loving it. 

Most leads are made of three a cruncher, a buzzer and a spreader. 

He was, on his own, all three. 

We were leading, but the Romanians were stubborn and awkward opponents. 

And in Cold War terms, we decided to go nuclear. 

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