The Pig With No Tail

By Timothy Hutt

“Push. You have to keep pushing,” the farmer said. His arm was elbow deep in a
squealing pig. A male pig was worriedly pacing around the barn as his piglet was being
born. Finally after hours in the barn the baby pig was laying on a pile of hay. The farmer
stared at the baby and noticed it didn’t have a tail. The parents took one look at the baby
and walked away with a look of disappointment in their eyes. The farmer put the piglet
in the pen with the rest of the pigs. It approached a corner with other pigs, but they
walked away just at the sight of him. He then walked over to his mother because he was
hungry. Instead of feeding her child she kicked him with her back hooves. The piglet
laid there squirming like a fish who knew he would never see water again.
The farmer picked the pig up and brought him to the house. Almost instantly a young
girl ran up to the farmer,

“Can we keep him!”
“We might have to. His parents don’t want him,” the farmer told his daughter.
“Where’s his tail?”
“He was born without one. First time I’ve seen this.”
“Well, I love him. He’s unique”

The daughter and the piglet sat under a tree behind their house. The piglet was
looking healthier every day since the family took him in as a pet. The farmer came
running out of the house and yelled to his daughter,  “The pigs got out of the pen, I need your help getting them back.” The girl ran to her father leaving the piglet alone under the tree. The piglet saw a butterfly and followed it all the way to the road. A periwinkle blue Civic raced down the road and crashed into the pig, crimson blood splattering over the windshield like a Jackson Pollock painting​. The girl looked on in horror as the pig flew into the air, finally landing on the road after what seemed like an eternity. Screams filled the air and spread out for miles. The girl sat in the middle of the road holding what was left of her pig in her arms, with the sound of a horn coming closer.

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