Shadows and Street Lamps

By Brynn Simon

Candles in windows flickered as a soft November’s night breeze sent fallen leaves
dancing. A streetlamp peering over crossroads cascaded a soft glow over the meeting
point as another breeze drew in a woman made of shadows. She dressed in black wisps
of the night sky as stars shone in her eyes.
Lurking closer to the cross roads , she peered past the luminous glow for the man
she’d been waiting on for many years.
A man constructed of darkness strode down the opposite street, seeking the
woman with stars for eyes. Spotting a flicker, he bound forward, halting where the light
met the pavement.
She advanced on her side, stopping so that she was still apart of the night.
Staring each other in the eye, they both took a step into the dull light. Together
they grew into flesh, and bone, and racing hearts, finally complete when they drew each
other in.
They swayed in circles, avoiding the darkness of night, fearful it would draw them
apart, turning them back into ashes and stardust.
Soon the sun arose and they said their goodbyes, slipping slowly through the rays
of sunlight, waiting for another night where they would no longer be two shadows in
search of the crossroads light.

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