Where the Sun is and isn’t a God

By Sabrina Gonzalez

“She is comely, isn’t she.”


“Can’t you feel her in your veins?”

“I can, but it burns too much. She will kill us both.”

“I don’t care, I find her too lovely to give up. She’s so much like fire in a hearth, she keeps me warm in my rawness.”

“I doubt Aurora holds value to your existence. Look at the skin she eats through. She whom you find so pretty itches to kill you.”

“That may be so, but sunburn is better than the loneliness of frostbite in the night.”

“You are blind the light has stolen your sight. Her nails have scorched a path straight across your temples, discoloring her words.”

“I’ve not been blinded yet. It is you who has lived too long in the night. See the illumination under my skin, she has accepted me.”

“Moons ago my eyes were opened. You speak in confusion. The light has pierced you; your free will is dust. Nothing is left.”

“Without the light it’s like a monsoon inside of me. All that which she banishes, collides like particles causing rain, lightning and crashing thunder so loud it wakes sleeping clouds.”

“I know the truth that you speak. The monsoon is alive within me. Water has poured from my eyes and wrists, lightning has ignited my veins- a pleasant stick and burn. Thunder has powdered my thoughts. Sadly without water there is no life.”

“Life is not what I look forward to, death and her skin are my grace.”

“ Her skin is cyanide and Death, laughable at best.”

“Fire needs to eradicate the living, there would never be room for new life.”

“ But a fire kills all possibilities for the existing. Her hair sparks destruction.”

“Destruction is much more common than night. It is a false sense of security like swaddled infants. They can always be dropped.”

“You can always drop him but trust gives hope. Where is trust in the shadows casted by light? Shadows where monsters hide.”

“Your goddess is of smoke and frost.”

“And yours of fire.”

“In their silhouettes our house has been built.”

“We are infants swaddled in monsters.”

“Embrace them and us. Be here and not simultaneously. We can fade into obscurity. Hold hands in death as it exists in life. Because the moon is beautiful but my god have you seen the sun?”

“I have and she is ablaze in beauty.”

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