Apology from a Younger Sister

By: Natalie Meyer

sometimes i beg to go home even lying in the quiet of my own room

when going downstairs is more than visiting an alien planet or

the first day at a new job when you cant remember your name like

you left yourself on the street somewhere

and outside in the street maybe in the distance i miss you and i see you

bounding across grass with

sunlight striking your face like i watch in my dreams

when they ask me what im thinking

and the truth is im imagining us or me without you

and how i wouldnt be able to stand it

because how would i spend the time between years,

the empty space before life takes hold again

if you werent here to show me the things you love

until we fall back to earth and die again

to worry whether im being reckless or if im just having fun

without you?

im sorry and im grateful, dont mind my tears

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